DALLAS An audit released by the City of Dallas on Monday reveals that the the first $16 million in stimulus money spent since April 2009 has created 158 local jobs.

The audit shows that Dallas has received $59 million so far, but has only spent 27 percent of that amount, about $16 million.

The federal cash has already put 50 new police officers on the streets.

The stimulus has weatherized 257 homes and helped prevent homelessness, among other things.

But if the federal stimulus act was supposed to put America back to work, it hasn't made much of a dent in Dallas.

If the job is to put America back to work out of a city of 1.5 million residents, we've put 158 of them back to work at $100,000 a year salary, said Allen Gwinn, a self-described taxpayer watchdog.

The unemployment rate in Dallas County is 8.4 percent, according to federal data.

The city said it doesn't know how many more positions, if any, might be created as its stimulus programs continue to be implemented.

In September, an internal audit at the City of Los Angeles showed $111 million in stimulus money only created 55 jobs there.

There was no target to hit, said Rocky Vaz, the executive officer of Dallas' Intergovernmental Services Office.

Still, Vaz said, the positions will save local tax money in the end.

In the long run it will save us energy costs, Vaz said. The 50 new officers we hired, their salaries are paid for three years. So that's a big plus for us.

Vaz said the city will spend every dime of the remaining $43 million, but doesn't know if it will generate another new job.

The local audit said there was no fraud, waste, errors or abuse.


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