DALLAS - Before there was the Moose, there was the House.

Robert Newhouse was an unstoppable force for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1970s and '80s. Now, family, friends and fans are praying for a comeback after the 60-year-old suffered a stroke.

The news on Newhouse's stroke broke on radio station Heaven 97 when host Robert Ashley called the former Cowboys' star.

Then all of a sudden my left side went dead, he said in a phone interview. I couldn't figure it out.

The stroke hit while he was driving

I got out from under the steering wheel and my wife was driving and she saw me trembling and the whole bit, he said. So, we called 911 and I have been in the hospital about a month now.

Newhouse was a key cog in the Cowboys' machine that Roger Staubach led to three Super Bowls. His most famous play was a touchdown pass in Super Bowl 12.

But, at just 5'7 , Newhouse's real job was full back. He was powerful and hard to bring down. Now, he struggles with every step.

I'm in the hospital now, he said. My discharge date is set for the 18. Like I say, I have been improving every day and I'm in no pain..., but I just can't move my left side.

On the radio, fans called in to share a prayer.

I just want to pray for brother Newhouse, one caller said. Father God, we want to pray in the name of Jesus to lift up this brother.

Newhouse prays too, hoping to make a full recovery.

I do appreciate it, he said. I do believe and I think I'll get up and walk out of here.

Newhouse has been keeping his condition under wraps, although WFAA spoke with several of his teammates, and they all knew and had already made hospital visits.

Asked about his recovery, Newhouse said no doctor has told him he won't walk again. So, he's working hard at his rehab in the hopes that one day soon he will.

Newhouse was the second round draft pick for the Cowboys in 1972. He played for Dallas for 12 seasons before retiring in 1983. Newhouse was the third leading rusher in Cowboys' history, and was part of three Super Bowl appearances.


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