Salt is a big, dumb, over-hyped popcorn movie starring Angelina Jolie as a CIA spy suspected of being involved in a convoluted plot by Russians to destroy America.

That's right, a Russian invasion movie so far-fetched, so dumbed down, it just might make you giggle. One problem: Salt is not a comedy.

The first 30 minutes of Salt actually works as an interesting spy movie, not knowing who is working for whom, but then the movie jumps the cinematic shark and before you can say Lara Croft, Salt is racking up a body count and sliding down elevator shafts. Even the dialog is filled with cliches.

Salt is rated PG-13, but feels like an R. Director Phillip Noyce is a decent action director he directed Patriot Games and Dead Calm but his latest is slick and shallow.

The more I think about Salt, the worse it gets, and that's a bad sign. Jolie can be a presence, but as a fashionable spy she just looks silly.


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