DALLAS - Thursday morning's Our Neighbor never leaves home without his tool belt. He's a handyman who helps senior citizens with the little things they can't do anymore.

Danny Parham is the founder of The Carpenter's Son's Ministry. The non-profit organization helps senior homeowners in southwest Dallas County with small home repairs, all for free.

Lot's of times, we come out and they have lights that are out, Parham said. They don't need to be climbing ladders. We've replaced a lot of door locks.

Betty Callahan said she remembers when she and her husband could fix anything in the home. Now, she's not as strong anymore and her husband suffers from dementia.

He used to do everything, she said. He was a plumber. He was an electrician. He could do anything, but I don't have that help anymore.

That's where the Carpenter's Son's Ministry helps out. Seventy-seven percent of the people they helped last year were single elderly women. Callahan said she trusts Parham to come into her home and fix the little things, like a door lock or changing a light bulb.

They can't do any plumbing, electrical or air conditioning work, but the ministry will do just about any other home repair project. All one has to do is ask.

He is a wonderful guy, Callahan said.

Whether it's installing a peep hole or repairing a screen door, Parham is a handyman who cares. That's why WFAA named his ministry Thursday's Our Neighbor.

I get a lot of satisfaction because the seniors that I help need the help, he said.

Parham said donations are way down and he's struggling to keep the business alive, but he's doing what he can.

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