Year One is not a good film but it is part-time funny. Jack Black and Michael Cera play ancient hunters and gatherers, off on an adventure to discover their world, and along they way they run into two bickering brothers - Cain and Abel.

You won't find biblical language in Year One - it's all sophomoric and dumbed down, but you will find biblical characters and eventually a trip to Sodom and Gomorrah. It's kind of like Mel Brooks meets Monty Python but not in the same league.

Year One is written and directed with a sloppy touch by Harold Ramis. Most of his film was shot in New Mexico, and in a scene where the boys join up with the local authorities, they look Roman, with British accents.

Year One is rated PG-13 but feels more like an R and is filled with bodily function humor. It rotates between crass and funny but mostly falls flat, just like it's cinematic cousin, Land of The Lost . The more I think about Year One, the worse it gets.


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