I ran the Metro PCS Dallas White Rock Marathon today.

It s the 24th Marathon that I ve run, and it s the most fun I ve had in some time. It was mainly because of the weather conditions. It was a cool, foggy day and that made for perfect running conditions.

My time was 3:41:47; not my fastest (and certainly not my slowest). Average pace about 8:24, but 4th place in my age group was pretty cool.

Folks showed up in big numbers, maybe the most I ve seen on the course in some time. No it s not like New York or Boston but it ll do for Dallas.

Some of my favorite signs along the route included: Chuck Norris can t run 26.2.

There were a few directed toward Tiger Woods like: My mom is prettier than Tiger's girlfriend, or Toni run, Tiger is chasing you.

One of my favorite runners was a man with a two-seated stroller with two kids nestled in a blanket. What were the kids doing in their seats? Watching Santa Claus 3, what else!

I ran with Andi Smith of Dallas for the first 19 miles and Paivahn Kilen from Minnesota for the last six miles or so. Paivahn and her husband picked Dallas as a southern, warm climate run, and told me they enjoyed their stay in Dallas.

I didn t like the start. It was supposed to be organized by running times. Instead, the mix of relay runners, half-marathon runners and full marathon runners turned the first few miles into a rash of walkers mixed with folks trying to actually run a race. It didn t work and it s something organizers need to work out.

Other than that not bad.


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