DALLAS 'I seceded from the nation. This is Doug-e-stan right here,' Douglas LeGuin said to a 911 dispatcher Monday asking where he was.

When asked his name, he responded: 'Dougie Doug from Doug-e-stan,' explaining that Doug-e-stan was 'a little republic' he'd just started.

Douglas LeGuin is a 60-year-old man from Corinth with no criminal history. But he is now charged with seven counts of aggravated assault on a public servant.

Dallas police say LeGuin got inside the gated North 40 Lane subdivision off Frankford Road near the Dallas North Tollway on Monday afternoon. It is in the City of Dallas, but also in Collin County.

He allegedly knocked on a door and threatened the people inside a babysitter and an eight-year-old girl ordering them to leave. They refused, taking cover deep inside the residence.

Police said LeGuin booby-trapped the outside of the home with propane tanks and jars of flammable liquids.

Investigators believe he set a fire and then called 911 to lure firefighters to the home. As they arrived, he shot at them, hitting their fire truck, but no personnel were struck.

At about the same time, police said LeGuin's wife called Denton County deputies to report her husband missing. They tracked down his location through his cell phone, and Dallas officers were sent to that spot.

As they arrived, shots were fired at them as well. One cruiser was hit, but no officers were struck.

Dallas police Maj. Jeff Cotner said LeGuin had multiple weapons and a significant amount of ammunition.

LeGuin remained on the phone with a dispatcher as officers surrounded him. 'I got an officer coming at me; tell him to back off,' he told the dispatcher. When the dispatcher told him to follow instructions, LeGuin replied, 'I'm not gonna follow instructions.'

But the suspect also told that dispatcher he had a clear mind and a full heart. He said several times he he had 'seceded,' and was claiming the neighborhood he was in as 'Doug-e-stan.'

'I'm pissed off at America,' he told the dispatcher. 'America is broke, got a sorry government, and the people won't vote.'

Eventually, when SWAT officers closed in on him, he surrendered.

Cotner said LeGuin has not cooperated with interrogators, so they do not know what his motivation may have been. 'Right now, we've not found any connection to the home or the homeowners,' he said.

Detectives are also looking into his past, Cotner said, but 'so far they have not found any sort of definitive affiliation with any group or anti-government movement.'

Cotner praised the babysitter for her brave actions, saying she stayed professional and composed in a challenging situation. SWAT personnel rescued her and the child after the bomb squad had safely dismantled all the devices around the home.

LeGuin is accused of shooting at four firefighters and three officers. His bond is set at $350,000 $50,000 for each count of assault on a public servant.


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