DALLAS -- The storm that hit North Texas a few weeks ago was hardly the worst storm the region has seen, but for many in South Dallas, the cleanup continues.

'Next thing I knew, I heard strange sounding noises and the house started vibrating and shaking, and I heard a little bit of a thud and that was it,' said Thomas Pohl.

He is living with a gaping hole in roof of his South Dallas home. When the summer storm cleared, Pohl discovered a fallen tree had crushed a portion of his roof, and just like that, created an unwelcome skylight.

'Part of the ceiling was missing, the floor, and insulation all over everything -- that's when I knew I had a problem,' Pohl said.

The storm that rolled through Dallas on July 14 and wasn't significant, by insurance standards.

According to State Farm reps, only a few dozen claims were filed across North Texas, totaling less than $1 million in damage. Compare that to the hail storm that rolled through Denton back in April, after which the Insurance Council of Texas estimated $300 million in insured losses.

As for Pohl, his home was unable to weather the storm. Making matters worse, he hasn't had homeowners insurance in years. Meaning, he's on his own to fix the gaping hole in his roof.

'Hopefully, there is someone who will see it, that will be able to at least be able to help me get the tree off -- any help I can get, I would appreciate,' he said.

Just because Pohl is uninsured does not mean he is out of options. He is also looking for resources available to him through disaster relief programs such as FEMA.

Some agencies, such as the U.S. Small Business Association have low interest long term disaster assistance loans available to cover personal loss, even if you are not a business owners.

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