DALLAS -- The remodeling business in North Texas is going 'through the roof' says Sandy Tabacinic, owner of Homecorp.

'It's absolutely insane. It is the highest amount of projects I have had in years,' she said. 'In the nine years I have been doing this, never this much.'

Some homeowners are opting for a do-over to modernize their places so they can sell them for more money. Others would like a new house but inventory of homes for sale has been too low, according to Tabacinic.

'Most of the people calling me wanted to buy a house, but there's nothing in the market,' she said.

And still others, like Mindy Albert, are redoing their current dwellings because the hot housing market in North Texas has raised prices too much to move to a new address.

Albert said her family shopped around for another house and found properties priced at 'upwards of $500,000 for a comparable house to what we have now.' And what she (and many North Texas homeowners) have now is a home that's worth more. That's allowing many people to afford a home equity loan to improve their living space.

Metrostudy, which catalogs remodeling trends across the country, named Dallas as one of the ten largest remodeling markets in the U.S., based on forecasted projects for 2014. So those in the contracting business in North Texas expect the already high number of remodeling requests to just keep building.

Albert is already scheduled to remake more of her Dallas home. And she's happy to be on the calendar with the contractor already.

'It seems like everyone around us is renovating, also,' she said. 'It's definitely the buzz of the neighborhood and a lot of it is going on.'


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