DALLAS - Storms hitting parts of North Texas brought with them some cool temperatures on Thursday.

Many people in the Dallas managed to deal with the inconvenience, while calling the break from the heat and humidity a bit of relief.

Debbie Lewis and her family were caught in a storm as they traveled from Texarkana to downtown Dallas.

'It was very scary,' Lewis said. 'You couldn't see. Downpours. Trucks going fast. It was very hard to get here.'

But the rain showers brought a certain sense of cool and calm for some folks as the weather cleared.

'It feels like springtime or fall,' said Payge Tucker as she and her family toured a park downtown. The group was among dozens who took advantage of the afternoon breeze, once the rain cleared.

Damp parks were packed with dog owners enjoying the afternoon air. Some residents, like Sherry Pichler, spent the day traveling the city and taking in sights as the afternoon highs hovered around the upper 60s.

'It's just wonderful,' Pichler said. 'It's so nice to be in long sleeves in mid-July, instead of 107 degrees.'


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