DALLAS Sometimes, Dallas City Council meetings and briefings can get heated, and irate people show up to confront their elected representatives.

It's one of the reasons that more security is being added at City Hall.

'You have disgruntled people around here,' said City Council member Dwaine Caraway. 'They get mad and they take it out on innocent people. Not just the Council should be protected, but also the citizens.'

Soon, visitors be subject to new security screenings to be checked for weapons. In the briefing room, Council members will sit behind bullet-proof desks.

'You will be checked to come through City Hall. It's for the safety of citizens,' Caraway said. 'You never know when a deranged person may have had a bad evening and decided to take it out on innocent people.'

Across the nation, mass shootings have sparked fears.

In 2008, six people were killed in Kirkwood City, Missouri when a gunmen entered the City Council chambers and opened fire.

On Wednesday, during a Dallas City Council closed session, Council members will practice what to do if there is a shooter.

'It's best to be on the safe side than to say 'I wish we had thought of this,'' Caraway said.

All the new security upgrades will cost close to $400,000, but some City Council members say it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The new concern follows a $300,000 security upgrade to the City Council chambers in 2010 that included bulletproof doors and secure escape routes.


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