DALLAS Police opened fire at a standoff in East Dallas Saturday morning after a woman was shot. The man was later found dead.

It was Brooke Mayer's worst worst wake-up call. 'I shot out of bed and I said I think I heard gunshots,' she said. 'I come running downstairs and I came out here and I looked out this window and I saw the police.'

Dallas police SWAT negotiators were trying to talk to a man identified as Richard Calderon, who was holed up in a home next door.

'We don't want anyone else to get hurt,' said a voice in a cell phone video Mayer shot from her bathroom window. 'Walk out that front door and we'll give you all the help you need.'

Brian Braziel was sleeping just one unit above the man who had barricaded himself in a four-unit building near the corner of Skillman Street and Belmont Avenue.

'It was pretty scary... yeah,' Braziel said. 'We hung out in the house for about an hour and SWAT showed up and escorted us out of the house and sent us down the street.'

Police said the six-hour standoff started just before 6 a.m. Saturday. Officers got a call that a woman was taken at gunpoint from a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store at Skillman Street and Southwestern Boulevard.

Neighbors told News 8 Calderon and the woman were together often and ended up at the fourplex less than three miles away, where the violence escalated.

'The female came running out of the house being chased by the suspect,' said police spokesman Maj. Max Geron. 'The suspect shoved her down and shot her once. Officers then approached and returned fire.'

The woman was rescued and was taken to Baylor University Medical Center for treatment, where she was reported in stable condition.

Calderon ran inside, and officers soon heard more shots. They later found him dead.

Geron said the police SWAT team did not fire a shot during the long standoff.

Neighbors like Mike Neri were shaken by this sudden tragedy. 'You want to create that safe environment for your children,' he said.


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