HOUSTON Opening statements were made Wednesday in the trial of a woman charged with capital murder in the death of her 2-month-old son.

Prosecutor Sunni Mitchell didn't mince words when she described what Narjes Modarresiallegedly did to her baby boy.

'On April 21, 2010, she woke up and she decided to kill Misoh Golabbakhsh,' Mitchell said. 'A baby she never wanted, a baby she never loved, a baby that was in her way.'

On that day, Modarresi made a frantic call to police saying two men assaulted her and kidnapped her child while she was out walking.

But, according to police officers who testified Wednesday, Modaressi's story didn't add up.

After a lengthy interview with investigators, police said Modarresi changed her story. She told police the boy was dead and led them to the bank of Buffalo Bayou, where her son was found in a shallow grave.

An autopsy later revealed the child had mud and water in his lungs and stomach, indicating he was alive when he was put there.

Modarresi is represented by high-profile defense attorney George Parnham, who says the case is an uphill battle. He told the jury the Iranian national had a history of mental illness and was diagnosed as bipolar at the age of 17.

'The day before she did this action with this child, an absolute unspeakable set of circumstances, she lays in bed for 21 hours,' Parnham said

Parnham said Modarresi suffered from severe post-partum depression after the infant's birth and had a mental breakdown while she was pregnant.

He said Modarresi and her husband conceived the child during a trip to Iran and that on the way back to the United States she had a psychotic episode on the plane.

'The plane has to make an emergency landing and she is hospitalized for four days in psychiatric emergency care,' said Parnham.

Parnham is known for another high-profile case similar to this. He represented Andrea Yates, the woman who drowned her five children while suffering from post-partum depression.

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