SAN ANTONIO -- Mom's special day may not bloom as brightly this year. That's because there are major weather issues plaguing an area that the U.S. depends on for roses.

Flooding in South America has been rampant.Countries in thearea havebeen severely devastated by rain in the last month. The heavy rainfall has not only destroyed homes in the area, it has also taken a toll on the vegetation in the region too, including flowers.

Flooding has reportedly even washed out several greenhouses in the area, according to

Consequently, the export prices for flowers in South America have doubled and, in some instances, have even tripled.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, most florists across the U.S. are seeing a shortage, since they get the majority of their cut flowers from South America.

South America, of course, hopes to bounce back from its current slump, but there's no telling when the weather will let up.

So, it seems, consumers are either going to have to pay more for their Mother's Day flowers this year, or get creative.

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