DALLAS-- There's a new development in the months-long debate over how the DallasSchool District should be governed.

The group 'Support Our Public Schools' is pushing for support to switch to home rule, but that plan is getting some push back.

This was a disappointing blow to the group that's been working to make significant changes to the way DISD operates. They tried making their case to The Texas Organizing Project (TOP), a group that has quite a bit of influence in Dallas, and the 8,000 families it claims to represent.

Thursday night, Support Our Public Schools met with TOP to shore up support for this effort that would essentially see DISD come under local control instead of state governance.

TOP, meanwhile, said that the effort has been rushed and seemed to be poorly thought out. The group's school campaign leader said that the organization asked tough but fair questions about the home rule effort, but didn't have good answers when there were answers at all.

'Whether you're for or against home rule, I think we can all agree on one thing: DISD needs to improve for everybody - for our parents, for our students, for our teachers, for our community,' Luis Veloz with Texas Organizing Project said.

It seems the overwhelming sentiment at the meeting was that the push to adopt home rule in DISD seemed rushed.

TOP said they interviewed more than 100 parents, attended numerous town hall meetings put on by Support our Public Schools, and talked with public officials.

The group overwhelmingly voted to not get behind home rule.

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