AUSTIN -- Several University of Texas students spent some time at the Travis County Jail Wednesday night, but they're not letting it end their protest. The students are opposing cost-cutting program they say will eliminate hundreds of jobs.

Shared Services is a program with the goal of reducing administrative costs while increasing efficiency, but not everyone agrees that the result of eliminated jobs is the best option.

Eighteen people were arrested when they attempted to stage a sit-in inside the office of President Bill Powers and then refused to leave.

Those arrested represent three on-campus groups: the United Students Against Sweatshops, University Democrats, and the University Leadership Initiative.

They've all been campaigning against the Shared Services plan for more than a year, and want to meet with President Powers as the university moves forward with a pilot implementation.

The program is only in its pilot implementation stage, so it's possible for the students to get that meeting with administrators.

The school says some hard facts make Shared Services crucial to the school's future, as state funding has been on the decline for 20 years. In 1985 it was 47 percent of the budget, but today it's only 13 percent.

They add that government agencies consolidate departments to make better use of taxpayer resources, so they think it may also work for UT.

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