MUENSTER, Texas Muenster is known for its German heritage. The annual German Fest takes place here every year at the end of April, and it's where Fischer's supermarket has a famous specialty in the meat department.

'Our German smoked sausage,' said store manager Steve Taylor. 'That's what we've been making since 1927.'

That's a long time, and certainly worth celebrating.

This Cooke County town 13 miles west of Gainesville has something else to celebrate: The boy's basketball team has reached the state Final Four for the first time ever.

'It's a big deal this week,' said April Walterscheid. 'This our boys' first time, and we're sure proud of them. They've worked hard.'

'It's very exciting,' added Darla Styles. 'We're very pumped, ready to go watch them play and win the state tournament.'

While moms are decorating the town with signs, the Hornets are focused on the finals.

Head coach Lynn Cook left Lindsey one year ago, and it didn't take long for him to get Muenster into the state tournament.

'I have never been around a group of young men who are so unselfish toward each other and the game that they love to play,' Cook said.

Cole Walterscheid is Muenster's 6'-6' senior. He plays basketball, baseball, runs track, and will play football at Oklahoma State next year.

'Our team motto is 'WOLO' Win Our Last One so that was our goal to get to the Drum and play for a state championship,' Walterscheid said.

This team is closer than most; how about three sets of brothers? Now that's a family.

Logan and Lyndon Cook are brothers. Their father is the head coach.

Chance and Bryce Herr are brothers; so are Blake and Ryan Hoephner.

'We have this saying that we're brothers by blood, but family by choice,' Lyndon Cook said. 'There are some people who are related to each other, but we are a family in more ways than one.'

'When there is a good thing that happens at school, it really affects everybody... and this is about as good as it gets,' added Muenster High School principal Jason Atcheson.

It's a family that hopes to make the most of their trip to Austin.


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