FORT WORTH -- Since moving to Fort Worth in November, Raul Mosley's ride has already felt the wrath of the city's potholes.

'You always have to be alert, that's for sure,' he told News 8. 'I may have damaged a tire a couple weeks ago.'

'We've had to deal with icy weather and bad roads for the last couple of years,' said Ft. Worth spokesman Bill Begley.

Begley told News 8, since Oct. 1, 2013, the city has filled nearly 60,000 square feet of potholes. That's more than a football field's worth. That means they're filling hundreds of potholes a day.

But even after a winter that brought road-wrecking cobblestone ice, Ft. Worth is filling fewer potholes than in years past. By the end of this month, the city will have filled about 61,000 square feet of potholes.

Last year during the same time period, it was almost 80,000 square feet. The year before that? About 65,000.

The city said that last figure was before the city purchased a $200,000 pothole-patching machine. So that means, even with the pricey tool the city is still filling fewer patches.

Still, Begley said the city is doing all it can with the machine and its crews. On any given day, there may be between five and 20 crews on the roads repairing potholes. He said last year's repairs were high because warm weather allowed crews to be very productive. He said this year there are simply fewer potholes.

Despite that explanation, mechanics at G&M Tire in Ft. Worth are seeing plenty of pothole damage to cars.

'More than usual,' said auto technician Dan Woods.

A reminder to ride carefully the rest of the winter.

If you'd like to report a pothole, you can call 817-392-8100 and crews will try to have it repaired in three business days.


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