IRVING Something out of this world is happening in Irving.

The Dallas Comic Con Sci-Fi Expo opened Saturday at the Irving Convention Center. The festival features heavy-hitters from science fiction shows and comic book franchises, including actors Richard Dreyfuss ('Close Encounters of the Third Kind'), Lee Majors ('The Six Million Dollar Man') and Peter Mayhew (who performed the role of Chewbacca in the 'Star Wars' movies).

But as News 8 found out, it's really all about the crazy outfits. We talked with William Sturgeon, who was attending the event dressed as a 'Star Trek Deep Space 9' Klingon.

'This is my release,' he said. 'I just came back from Afghanistan. This is the way I blow off steam.'

His daughter Lenora would only smile and say: 'He's weird!'

The Expo's event manager said they expect up to 25,000 guests before the end of the show on Sunday.

There will be two additional Comic Con events in the area this year, including the Dallas Comic Con on May 16-18 at the Dallas Convention Center.

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