FORT WORTH -- His sandy-colored fur is a little patchy and his muzzle looks like it was seen some hard times, but a dog found in a Fort Worth dumpster is now on the road to recovery.

The dog was found abandoned in a box left in a dumpster at a south Fort Worth storage facility. Rescuers believe the dog had been trapped there for days.

'Whenever I got to the area where he was in the box, he looked like he had given up. And when he looked up at me, he did get up -- like he knew that someone was there to save him,' said Judy Obregon of The Abandoned Ones (TAO) Animal Rescue.

The Fort Worth-based rescue group has named him Emanuel. The dog was in very bad shape, but is being nursed back to health.

If you are interested in Emanuel, he will be put up for adoption in about five months.

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