DALLAS -- The sound of chainsaws filled the air in many North Texas neighborhoods as the clean-up from last week's winter storm entered another day.

One tree limb completely blocked access to an alleyway in part of Lake Highlands. That's where Tim Newman was making his latest stop to clear debris.

'Back in 1980, the ice storm was pretty harsh and then a couple of years ago, Super Bowl time, but we didn't seem to have as much breakage as we do this year,' he said of the latest winter storm to hit the area.

Newman, who works with a small tree-cutting company, said he will likely be booked through the holiday.

Cutting limbs and moving debris can cost between $75-200 just to move the debris. For those who can't afford the work and are physically unable to do it themselves, they are finding help through local organizations.

Volunteers with Texas Baptist Men were cutting limbs at a Garland home in the 1200 block of Meandering Way.

'We don't charge for our services. We just come out and help people, if there is a need,' L.S. Palmer said.

He, his wife, and another volunteer spent over an hour moving downed tree limbs and trimming another tree. At the same time, they're sharing their faith.

'We go out and we [find] people that are victims, people that have been in disasters, people that are hurting, people that are suffering and we try to help them,' Palmer said of the effort.

Much of the work is organized through a network of churches in Dallas-Fort Worth. They have operated under the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief group, responding to various disasters and violent storms.

Their work following the recent Winter storm will keep them busy for time to come.


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