ENNIS The City of Ennis had a dilemma this week. The social calendar had two big events planned the city's annual Christmas Parade of Lights on Thursday and Friday's regional final playoff game between Ennis and Mesquite Poteet.

'We contacted the city and they were contemplating the possibility of moving the parade date,' said interim Ennis ISD Superintendent James Sanders.

The school wanted to play their game on Thursday so they could beat the winter storm, but the Christmas parade was already set.

Something had to give, so the school district and the city decided to postpone the Christmas parade until Monday.

'We worked together, and we know the school board members, they know the city commission, the superintendent, the city manager all of us had a cooperative effort, and it's important to succeed,' said Ennis Mayor Russell Thomas.

With the temperature near 80 on Wednesday, it was hard to believe that we're talking about moving events around because of the bad weather, but it is a done deal. So we were curious. We thought we'd check with the people of Ennis do see what they would choose: Football or a parade?

'Football,' said Agnes Prda.

'Football for sure,' Francis Divin added.

'You can have a parade any day, but you can't have a football game just any day,' Nancy Clark said.

'We were planning on having our kids, our football team and cheerleaders in the parade, so it would have lost a little bit of zing,' said Ennis head coach Jack Alvarez. I'm sure there would have been some folks to catch some candy.'

'I'm glad we don't have to make that choice especially since I ride in the parade,' Mayor Thomas said. 'That means I have the opportunity to go to the game.'

So the only thing left is to make sure Santa could change his schedule.

'Saint Nick, we tried to reach him but we're still having difficulty there,' Sanders said. 'The weather between here and there is a little rough right now.'

Well we did reach Santa, and he told News 8 he's all set.

'Ho Ho Ho! So we had to delay it a few days? Santa will see you Monday. Ho Ho Ho!'


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