LITTLE ELM As he prepares for his second full marathon, Jonathan Jordan is gathering a list of items he plans to wear, including running shoes, a cape, a tutu, and a tacky tie.

'I just can't even tell you how excited I am when I wear the tutu while I run down the streets of Dallas,' Jordan, 28, said with an air of sarcasm.

'He's a good daddy,: added Christa Jordan, Jonathan's wife. 'He's willing to be totally embarrassed for our baby-to-be.'

Jonathan has signed up to run in Sunday's MetroPCS Dallas Marathon, but he won't look like he did last year.

The 28-year-old man will wear a costume to raise money for a phone call that could come at any minute to fly to Japan to adopt their first child.

'Adoption is a way we want to grow our family,' Christa explained. 'That's just always been laid on both of our hearts.'

She first fell in love with Japan after going on a mission trip there in 2006. After getting married, they both decided to adopt a child from the island nation.

'A lot of times my ideas aren't the best,' said Jonathan, 'But when I told her this one, she said, 'Yeah! We gotta do that. It's perfect!''

Twenty-eight family and friends ran in their own marathons in November and got people to pledge money. If they finished their own race and collected that cash, then they could tell Jonathan what he will wear at the Dallas marathon on Sunday.

'We've raised over $6,500,' Christa said. 'That is going to go for our very expensive last-minute plane ticket. We don't have $25,000 sitting in the bank. So we wouldn't be able to be a family without our friends and family. We're eternally grateful for that.'

Generosity from friends, family even strangers are helping the Jordans become a family in exchange for a few hours of fun as Jonathan completes 26.2 miles in a cape, tutu and tacky tie.


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