IRVING Former Dallas Cowboys player Sam Hurd says he's got nothing to lose, so he's talking.

He's facing a life sentence for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. He told Sports Illustrated that during his last several years with the Cowboys and Bears, he smoked marijuana.

'All day, every day, and I didn't want to hear anyone trying to tell me I had a problem,' Hurd told the magazine.

Hurd was arrested in 2011 after walking out of a Morton's steakhouse in Chicago with a kilogram of cocaine from undercover federal agents. Sports Illustrated obtained and published surveillance video that shows Hurd walking out of the restaurant.

Hurd also told undercover officers he wanted 50 kilos of cocaine a week to distribute. He said he also purchased thousands of dollars of marijuana over the years and shared it with friends.

Here is an excerpt from a wire-tapped conversation between Hurd and a federal informant who goes by the name 'Manuel.'

MANUEL: 'We need to talk about the quantity you can sell a week... we want a relationship.'

HURD: 'I'm with you. I wanna deal. Relationships that's what it's about.'

Hurd said he 'smoked himself and shared at cost with friends, including 20-25 teammates spanning his five years with the Cowboys.'

Coach Jason Garrett was asked about Hurd at his news conference on Tuesday. He said he couldn't comment because he didn't know anything about the case.

Hurd said he didn't start buying and selling drugs initially for profit, but for fun. 'I'm in the NFL and I'm gonna ask people for a few hundred dollars on top of what I paid for it? Nah, slide me what I got for it and take it. Enjoy it,' he was quoted in the Sports Illustrated article.

Hurd didn't name names, but said he believes at least half of NFL players smoke marijuana.

Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher, who played with Hurd, said the comments come as a surprise to him.

'It's very shocking to hear,' Hatcher said. 'As far as everyone smoking in NFL, I don't know about that. As long as you keep it your business, I don't know really what to say about the situation.'

Evidence will be presented in a federal court on Wednesday as a federal judge decides whether the Sam Hurd will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

WFAA reporter Jobin Panicker contributed to this story.


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