PLANO -- A fight video involving hundreds of high school students coming to blows at a Whataburger is making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

The students packed into the Whataburger in the 6400 block of Coit Rd. after Friday night's big rivalry game between Plano and Plano West.

'The only reason I pulled out my cell phone was because they started chanting, and so I wanted to record it,' said the Plano West student who shot the video. The student's parents requested we did not identify her.

A mob of people, mostly comprised of students from rival schools that played earlier in the evening, suddenly turns ugly.

'All of a sudden, a bunch of girls started screaming and I saw people shoving and someone just threw a punch, and I kept recording, not knowing what was going on,' the student said.

The video shows a Whataburger employee getting involved in the fracas.

'Someone threw a punch, and he saw it and he was trying to break it up,' said the video's shooter. 'As he was trying to break it up, he got hit in the face.'

That employee is then seen throwing punches himself.

Whataburger's corporate offices in Corpus Christi, Texas, released a statement Monday saying they are reviewing the event, including their employee's involvement and will take 'appropriate action as needed.'

Plano police say they don't know who or what incited the brawl. They arrested two people, a juvenile and an adult.

They told us while it's common for students to congregate at the fast food eatery after games, there have never been problems like this.

'Normally, there are just words thrown back and forth, but never actually fists,' said the Plano West student.

Plano ISD administrators say 'as it did not occur at a school district facility, they are not investigating.'

Plano police say they're working on developing a plan to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

And they must do it quickly. On Friday, there's another huge rivalry involving neighboring cities.

Plano plays Allen at the same stadium.


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