While it is true that our favorite ballclub, the Texas Rangers, didn't make it to the World Series, the victory of the Boston Red Sox is something we should all for a moment celebrate -- this year in particular.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Earlier this year, lunatic brothers temporarily shut down the city of Boston during its biggest event of the year. They set off a pair of bombs that maimed and killed to make a political point.

They also brutally murdered a fine police officer.

One of the two attackers has already gone on to his reward. The younger brother, who was wounded during his attempts to elude police, now awaits trial as we American taxpayers pay for his recovery.

In the days after the attack, one man - Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, known to many as 'Big Papi,' provided perhaps our finest response to the terrorists when he said during a game right after the attack, 'This is our f@#$%^& city and NOBODY is going to dictate our freedom!'

Yes, there was an expletive in his pronouncement, but he said what most people had been feeling.

Right after the final game of the series this week, many in Boston headed straight over to the finish line of the Boston Marathon to celebrate their triumph. They were rejoicing not so much in their victory over the Cardinals, as their defeat of the two nitwits who thought they could bring down a city and lost.

They're still partying in Boston this weekend, I'm sure... At least, everyone except the one recovering terrorist, who didn't get away.

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