A shameful week in American history has come to a close. Let us hope our children have not paid much attention to our government.

It's this week Uncut commentary.

ABC reported Thursday that four Army Rangers killed on a special ops mission in Afghanistan came home this week. But because of the shutdown, a fed-up real estate mogul named Arnold Fischer reached into his own pocket to bury them and pay their families their promised death benefits.

'You'd better stop being a Democrat, and you'd better stop being a Republican,' he said, 'you better start being an American.'

Well said.

A country still paying its politicians, but can't bury its war dead? Shameful.

The body of Lance Corporal Jeremiah Collins of Wisconsin was also returned this week. It was not a combat death, but a death while assisting fellow Marines.

Before dying, he tweeted, 'the president and Congress... get it together.' And fearing he and his fellow Marines might not be paid, he tweeted, 'I will protect the being of my country with my life... but do not go messing with the men and women that protect your sorry [expletive.]'

Leave it to the Marines to express it best.

That he had to say it at all is shameful.

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