Former WFAA reporter Doug Fox lives near Estes Park, Colorado, in the middle of a flood-stricken region of the state. Fox shared photos of the damage and the high water in his community about 50 miles northwest of Denver.

While he and his wife aren't in any danger, he said life has been difficult lately.

'This is a town that depends on tourism for its economic viability, and they're not letting tourists in, because we're in short supply of food; of gasoline; our mail hasn't been delivered in three days, it's all stuck in Grand Lake, over the Continental Divide,' he said. 'We're in kind of a holding pattern.'

Forecasters say the rain should finally stop in Colorado on Monday, but it's going to take a long time for roads, homes and businesses to recover.

Doug Fox retired from WFAA in 2003 after three decades at Channel 8.

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