DALLAS Brothers Dan and Clark Hunt are in charge of the Hunt Sports Group, which owns the Kansas City Chiefs.

The team was founded by their father, Lamar Hunt, so when the Chiefs and Cowboys play in Kansas City this weekend, a very special trophy will be up for grabs.

'Of course, we have the all-important Preston Road Trophy that my dad created when he and Jerry [Jones] lived across the street from each other,' said Clark Hunt, chairman and CEO of the Hunt Sports Group.

'He wanted to have a little rivalry trophy between the Chiefs and the Cowboys, especially given the history,' added Dan Hunt, the company's vice president.

That history goes back to when both the Dallas Texans and Dallas Cowboys called the Cotton Bowl home. Lamar Hunt, moved the Texans to Kansas City in 1963.

Fifteen years ago, when Lamar Hunt was living on Preston Road in Dallas, Jerry Jones was his neighbor.

Hunt came up with the Preston Road Trophy for the winner of the Kansas City-Dallas game, and he got to take that first award back home.

For the first seven years, Lamar Hunt had that trophy in his possession, and he didn't mind showing it off.

'Not everybody has a trophy that has a piece of rebar on it, which is sort of the defining feature of it,' Clark said. 'I think he was trying to figure out how you symbolize Preston Road. It's like well, it has a lot of rebar on it, so that's what's on the trophy.'

'His big thing about it is that he wanted it to cost less than a hundred dollars,' Dan added. 'It's so funny that something like that will someday, probably ended up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.'

'It's something that Lamar and I had a lot of fun with through the years, but the fun ended during the three hours when the Chiefs and Cowboys played,' Jones said.

'It, of course, was done in fun,' said Clark Hunt. 'It's still fun, but the teams will be very serious on Sunday.'

Lamar Hunt has a trophy with his own name on it given to the AFC champion every year, but the Preston Road Trophy? That's something only the Chiefs or Cowboys can win.


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