DALLAS Sheranda Hodge thought she was going to die.

"He said, 'I am going to kill you. I have to kill you because I m not going back to jail,'" she recalled.

Hodge's ex-boyfriend, Alvin Simon, beat her so badly she was hospitalized.

That was in December, 2009.

Her case sat in a box at Dallas police headquarters for more than three years. She recently sat down for an interview with The Dallas Morning News.

"I never heard anything about it for a long time," Hodge said.

Detective Shawn Wash was assigned to investigate Hodge's case, but did nothing with it, according to Internal Affairs documents obtained by The News.

An audit found that while Wash failed to investigate more than 600 cases in 2009, that same year Hodge went to his supervisors to complain he had earned more than $15,000 in overtime, according to documents obtained by The News.

Another detective, Durmon Johnson failed to investigate more than 100 cases.

Both of them were transferred out of the domestic violence unit more than a year ago, but the detectives have yet to be disciplined.

"We pledged and promised ourselves and our citizens we are going to take a look at it," said City Council member Dwaine Caraway. "Now the detectives have to do their job, and that s the expectation we have of our chief."

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has made domestic violence a top priority of his administration. He said that remains the case for the City of Dallas, and said he is confident the police department will take appropriate action.

But this isn t the first time this has happened.

In 2009, WFAA first reported the case of Mickey East, a detective who failed to investigate nearly 2,000 cases. He was allowed to retire and was never disciplined.

Hodge's case was eventually filed by another detective, and Alvin Simon was sent to prison for five years last October.

Hodge said she's thankful Simon was eventually brought to justice, but wonders how many other victims never got that satisfaction.


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