DALLAS Fights and gunfire broke out in several locations early Saturday morning after police shut down an illegal party at an abandoned warehouse south of downtown.

Dallas police say party promoters had no permits, hosted too many people and were serving alcohol at the five-story warehouse located in the 1400 block of Ervay.

Onlookers posted video to Facebook and YouTube of women fighting one another. Another video shows people running to their cars to get away after partygoers got out of control.

Four people were also shot at a McDonald's located near Royal Lane and Northwest Highway.

In a video posted to YouTube, a man identifying himself as one of the promoters said, That happened off out of our presence and off our party. I can't take credit for that. I can't acknowledge that, other than we are praying for the families that may have been victims."

Party promoters took to social media to try and explain what happened at the event, which was coined#NotaNormalParty.

Promoters sold hundreds of tickets in advance for the event, which touted a different party on each floor of the vacant building. But Dallas police shut it down as people were lining up.

"Police showed up and said the building didn't have a permit and certain floors wasn't structured for people to be on so we tried to condense it to other floors, the promoter said in the video.

But, that didn't work, so the party was moved to another location but the owner of that building kicked everyone out because of crowd control.

"We still had 1,006 people in line, waiting to pay to get in," said the man in the video.

That fueled several fights and the shooting. Police spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell said three men between 18 and 21 were shot in one of their legs. A fourth man was struck in the buttocks. Two people have been arrested, but Mitchell did not release their names.

A Dallas police spokesman said investigators are looking at the videos to determine whether additional charges should be filed. Party organizers did not respond to News 8 s request for comment.


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