DALLAS On Tuesday, neighbors in a South Dallas neighborhood watched as a fire truck smashed into a car before plowing through a telephone pole before coming to a stop in a homeowner's front yard.

The accident sent the driver of the car to Baylor University Medical Center and left several homes without power and phone service.

Neighbors watched an ambulance drove by, followed by a gray Infiniti and then a fire engine. The ambulance and fire truck rolled with lights and sirens on.

"I was in there washing clothes, and I heard a loud boom," said Theresa Gonzalez, who lives nearby.

Witnesses said the car in front of the engine began to slow down, then suddenly made a left turn in front of the engine.

"And the fire truck was honking its horn, trying to tell him to get out the way," said Alice Frazier, who witnessed the wreck. "And he was making a left turn on Easter. And the fire truck was hitting their breaks and hit them. They cut that pole in half and that fire truck went into the yard."

Dallas Fire officials believe the firefighter driving the engine thought the car was yielding the right of way but instead made a left turn in front of the engine.

Spirial Nichols was sitting on his front porch when he saw the crash. The fire engine swerved into his yard just a few feet away, straight toward him.

"Once it got into the front yard, the light pole and power pole came down and sparks were flying," said Nichols. "I wanted to make sure the house didn't blow up."

Four firefighters in the engine were not hurt. The man driving the Infiniti was taken by ambulance to Baylor Medical Center. Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said between one and four homes were left without power. Crews have since restored it.

Witnesses said the injured driver was conscious and talking when he left the scene, but there is no word on his current condition.


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