FORT WORTH Nancy Wardlow, a grandmother living in Fort Worth, spent her entire Monday looking at the stark images of Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla. Her granddaughter, Makenzie, is in the second grade there.

While Wardlow watched TV, she says Makenzie's father was on the ground in Moore desperately searching for his little girl in the chaos and destruction after a tornado tore through the school.

"He was prepared to dig through the rubble to find her, she said. He had no idea where she was."

Wardlow says many hours passed and no one knew where Makenzie was, or whether the 8-year-old girl had even survived. Wardlow posted her granddaughter's picture on Facebook as the family pleaded with anyone who might know something.

Then, late that night, they got a message.

"Someone saw her on TV, happened to record it and sent it over to (Makenzie s father). When I finally saw the images of her on TV last night I just shouted for joy, Wardlow said. Thank you God!"

What a relief.

They know Makenzie is alive and that she is with her mother. But Wardlow says her son still hasn t actually seen his daughter in person.

We have not been able to put our hands on her, or know how she got out, or where she went after that, she said.

Because of that, Tuesday was an anxious day; but it was still nothing compared to Monday.


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