On Thursday, News 8's David Schechter toured through the some of the areas hardest hit by Wednesday's explosion at a fertilizer storage facility. He found the story was better told in pictures.

WEST, Texas -- The neighborhoods that surround the blast zone felt like hallowed ground.

They were empty of the people that live there, but their empty buildings told a story.

Here a water heater and bathtub perched up on an island of blackened timbers, there vinyl siding melted like cake frosting, and around the corner, a lonely dog, waiting for its owner to return.

Mangled garage doors were everywhere. So were busted bricks and even 10-pound concrete chunks scattered around the West nursing home that was so close to the blast.

There s no sense here that West cannot or will not overcome.

It certainly will reopen its damaged classrooms. It certainly will rebuild its historic dance hall.

It certainly will.


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