AUSTIN Big name acts (and even bigger crowds) were expected for the last big night of South by Southwest music on Saturday.

Justin Timberlake fans lined up at The Copper Tank Event Center at 5th and Trinity. These "secret" SXSW shows are really anything but pretty much everyone now knows that JT and Prince are set to perform in the Texas capital.

Austin police will have extra security at the Copper Tank Event Center as well as at La Zona Rosa on West 4th Street for the Prince show. The clubs and artists themselves will also have their own security.

Some lucky Timberlake fans will get into the show if they have a wristband. On Saturday, most of the crowd outside of the venue consisted of people without them trying to figure out a way in.

"We figured we would hang out and maybe someone would feel sorry for us and let us in," said Timberlake fan Kimberly Hart. "We really want to go in, but it's such a small place we're not sure how successful we'll be."

Security is gearing up for thousands of people at the Prince performance. It's just been announced that A Tribe Called Quest will open for him.

Managers with La Zona Rosa told KVUE that Prince is quite the diva. He even brought in a Feng Shui specialist to take a look at the venue.

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