GLADEWATER It's been almost 30 years since Helen Lee walked through her brightly-colored fields of windblown daffodils.

"She could come and hike, come out and listen at nature like the frogs and the birds, said Carolyn Johnson, who recently retired after years as caretaker at Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden in Gladewater, located about two hours east of Dallas.

Johnson says the ranch was ablessing that Mrs. Lee held dear and, even in death, gladly shares with visitors to the garden.

"You tend to forget about everything. Because you can actually appreciate what God has done through nature, Johnson said.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee started from nothing, then hit it big in oil.After Mr. Lee died, Mrs. Lee spent 30-years restoring an old gravel pit they owned.

"It was torn up, Johnson said. "And when he died she came in and turned it into what it is right now, she added.

If all this seems improbable, it's because it is.Johnson says Mrs. Lee ordered a box of daffodil bulbs.Instead they delivered a boxcar of daffodils.

She planted them anyway.The job required the labor of 40 people, including Johnson's grandparents.

Johnson says Mrs. Lee had the money to do just about anything.With it, she chose to make yellow magic and share it with the world.

If you want to see the daffodils better go soon, they may not last much longer.Call ahead at 903-845-5780 to see if the flowers are in bloom.


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