There was a perfect example this week - make that two perfect examples - of what it really is to be a mature grown up.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Fort Worth youngsters LaDarius and LaDarian Martin discovered thieves burglarizing a neighbor's home. The thieves saw them, and gave them each a $100 bill to keep quiet.

LaDarius is 11 and LaDarian 9, so $100 is some serious cash.

But these boys - or rather young men - wanted no part of it.

So they told police what they saw, who they saw do it, even turned in those $100 bills.

On Tuesday, Fort Worth city leaders rightly honored them in a special ceremony.

Yes, they're young, but young men. Truly grown up.

These are childish ones.

Among a gaggle of college students in a cell phone video filmed in Padre: a group of hoodlums, who surrounded, beat and stabbed Derek Madrigal as he attempted to defend a young woman being accosted on a beach.

The young man was pulled from the attack covered in blood.

Those brave boys hurling ice chests at him put Derek in the hospital, and nearly took his life.

Now, using the video, they're being tracked down.

Age has never been a good way to determine maturity.

There are many wise youngsters in the world, and a few old fools. And Madrigal's attackers, now in hiding, they proved that, too.

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