FRISCO - Volunteers are trying to bless Emily Borst with a new home equipped to accommodate the changes that have devastated her and her mother's lives.

I'm amazed; I'm overwhelmed, said Emily's mother Jo Ann Borst. What's happening for Emily and I... There are no words.

Emily Borst endured a spinal cord injury in a car accident last month on Super Bowl Sunday. Now, a super effort is underway to remodel their home and make it wheelchair accessible.

A contractor called in crews to widen doorways and open up a room to create a suite, thanks to a friend of the family, who felt like he had to do something.

I knew Emily would need her space, so her bedroom would need to be retrofitted, Jeff Baird said.

The Frisco home will virtually be split in half. to give Emily her own wing.

The 22 year old also lost her father right before Christmas.

I just felt she needed to know good things happen, too, said Baird, an insurance agent.

On top of the tragedy, her mom had recently lost her job. And this generosity is coming at a time she really needs it.

At times I have meltdowns, and they put arms around me and we pray, Jo Ann Borst said. The way me and Emily get through this, is we don't look back. Today is today; tomorrow is tomorrow.

Emily will arrive home April 14 from the hospital in her newly remodeled space where she can better cope with the challenges.


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