DALLAS - They may be small, and gingerly taken, but Greg Meece isn't taking baby steps as he walks out of UT Southwestern's Zale Lipshy Hospital Friday.

For everyone involved in his recovery, every step forward is a giant leap.

When I was brought in here two weeks ago, I was an incomplete quadriplegic, Meece said. And I'm going to be walking out of the hospital today.

Two weeks ago, Meece was driving on the Dallas North Tollway when an 18-wheeler lost control. The truck slammed into the concrete divider, and landed on top of Meece's car.

Other drivers rushed to help. But Meece was so badly crushed, doctors didn't know if he would ever walk again.

A surgery, fusing one of his own ribs to his neck, stabilized his spine.

Never. I never doubted, said Donna Meece of her husband's recovery.

Still, she is astonished her husband rehabbed so quickly.

I was thinking, 'We'll be here for months,' she said. Two weeks? I'm shocked at two weeks, I really am. But every day I knew he was getting better and better.

It's a miracle, Greg said. It's amazing. It's almost beyond words.

Greg Meece was in a rental car the day of the accident.

He says he is very frugal and always pays for a small, compact car. That day, he says he splurged an extra $4 for a mid-sized car.

As he walked out of the hospital, upright and able-bodied, he says it was the best four bucks he ever spent.


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