News 8 Daybreak's Ron Corning talks with tech guru Steve Greenberg about a few holiday gift ideas for your friend or loved one who loves technology.

Nothing says the holidays like a Christmas tree on your head. Giant Christmas Tree Hat is a towering pinnacle of metallic green tinsel, lights and decorations that looks massive and absolutely eye-popping at any holiday event. It stands 17-inches high and requires two AA batteries. It's $12.95 from

Eye-Fi let's you take a photo and it does the work downloading it onto your wi-fi devices. It basically turns your camera into a Wi-Fi device. you can buy it by visiting It costs as low as $49.99.

Other gift ideas over $50 include a Dropcam, which is an absolutely amazing Wi-Fi device. You can use plug it in and set it up anywhere and then watch a live view of what it's capturing from afar. It can serve as a home, nanny or pet cam.

Ooma service allows you phone service at a one-time cost of $200. You plug it into your Internet plug and into your phone, and then you have service.

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