DALLAS --Dallas Hispanic activists increased the pressure on the city to approve a redistricting map more to their liking.

They brought a protest to City Hall on Tuesday.

The group wants five Hispanic districts drawn over the next ten years instead of the three approved. They are asking the council to re-vote on the decision.

We re asking for five, said Hector Flores, Latino Redistricting Coalition. Five Latino, for black, five white to be the plan in order to achieve compliance under the voter rights act. Latinos should be able to elect representatives of their choice. That is the American way.

The mayor said he has no plans to make that change.

We have taken actions as a city council, said Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor. We re going to be filing with the Department of Justice. For the first time, a majority of city council will be minority.

African American leaders like the approved plan because it sets four black districts.

Hispanics leaders said they are not giving up the fight. They have contacted the Justice Department and are preparing to file a lawsuit.


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