It's the argument being made by so many people: The Mavericks beating Miami was a victory for good over evil.

Miami trying to buy that championship rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, while the Mavericks were trying to win the American way.

Hard work. Teamwork. A group that pulled for one another, fought through all the adversity they faced. They won a title as a team... the American way (as long as they had a 7-foot German to lead the way).

I don't know if it's the American way or not, but I do know that winning an American title doesn't make you a world champion, and I don't know why so many people keep saying that it does.

The Mavericks win an NBA title and the rest of the world wasn't invited to play (Toronto doesn't count, and Oklahoma City doesn't, either).

We had the right to call ourselves world champions after World War I; again after World War II; but that's about it.

There's only one team that has the right to call itself world champions the soccer team that wins the World Cup.

They're the only ones.

Baseball's World Series makes no sense. Even the Olympics isn't arrogant enough to refer to their winning teams as world champions, and they could.

Only soccer has it right (except for the fact they play soccer, of course).

But the Mavericks winning an NBA title is such a good thing on so many levels. The original owner of the Mavericks, Don Carter, being remembered again as the man who made it all possible.

The decision to show Game 6 on the big screens at Victory Park when they said they wouldn't; my commentary Friday night railing against that, and then they did.

And now a parade they said would be next week (I didn't like that, either), and now it will be this week.

If they'd only check with me first, they could save so much time!

Ed Bark, the TV critic who writes on the Internet at, says the Mavericks' win is the feel-good D/FW sports event of all time which is why he's a TV critic... on the Internet.

It's not. It's just not.

If it was, why are they having a parade end at the American Airlines Center? The Cowboys had a quarter of a million people at their Super Bowl parade. A quarter of a million won't fit there.

I think they should have checked with me about that, too, but I just don't understand why so many people have to make it more than it is an incredible series win by a team with a whole bunch of good guys who play for an owner and organization that is committed to winning.

And they all played a role in winning an NBA championship.

The American way.


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