DALLAS Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is known for his outbursts, his opinions and his outspoken style.

But during this playoff run, he's been nearly silent in public.

It's a sharp contrast to 2006, the last time the Mavs went to The Finals.

Mark Cuban has never shied away from controversy. He shakes his fists on the sidelines.

He yells at the refs.

He mocks the nearly $2 million in fines levied against him by the NBA.

And he always shares his thoughts. At least until this year's playoffs, the Mavs owner has never met a microphone he didn't like.

Now Mavs fans find him strangely quiet.

I don't know, said one fan. I guess he got in too much trouble earlier.

I think he learned from the '06 series to tone it down a little bit, said another.

This time around, Cuban has only Tweeted on game days. Before Game 3, it was a simple Go Mavs.

In fact, that's all he's said throughout the NBA Finals.

Go Mavs.

Maybe Mark Cuban has changed his ways.

In 2006, the Mavs lost the title to Miami in six games.

In 2011, Dallas players and fans believe Cuban's silence could be broken if the team wins that elusive golden trophy.

He hasn't been in the media or on the news like that, a fan said. The Mavericks are doing all the talking, and they are going to win!

NBA Commissioner David Stern was asked about Cuban's silence this week. He called it delicious.

Stern said Cuban was just doing a good job supporting his team.


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