ADDISON It's a day in your life that you'll always remember, but for Diondre Preston, it's a moment that he thought he might never see.

He is still recovering from a day he'll never forget.

The Molina High School senior was paralyzed from the neck down after being injured in a football game last fall.

Eight months later, he's now able to pick up and move his left arm.

It was hard at first, but now that I keep working at it, it's beginning to get easier, Diondre said.

As his electric wheelchair rolled in to the graduation ceremony on Wednesday evening, his classmates stood in admiration. His progress continues to inspire others.

Diondre, you have been tenacious with such a positive attitude in the face of so many obstacles, said classmate Keven Prada.

The cheers continued as Diondre crossed the stage to receive his diploma. Molina's former star quarterback is no stranger to the limelight.

It's like being back on the football field, he said.

Diondre's mother stood at his side, beaming, as she moved his graduation cap tassel from one side to the other; then tossed the hat in the air on his behalf.

Mark this as another goal reached for a young man with a long journey ahead.


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