Q: What happened to Gary Cogill!
A: He literally works above us at Victory Park producing films! He is loving life.

Q: I have heard that reporters in the U.S. take lessons to lose their accent from regions outside of the Midwest, especially Southern accents. Why is that? BBC reporters speak with regional dialects and CNN uses reporters with English; Australian accents. Why are Southern; other regional American accents out in the News business? Did you ever take lesson to lose your Southern accent?
A: I did take voice lessons right away, yes. Thankfully, I didn't have too much of a Southern accent. But my voice was too high, so I had to work to find my lower range. There are some markets where people have Southern accents, just not strong ones. As long as your voice isn't distracting, you're all good! Good question, by the way!

Q: Which airline do you fly the most?
A: I fly American the most, but I love the fun of Southwest, too. I love to collect miles in any way possible to afford trips overseas. American is worldwide, so that's why I usually fly with them. Plus, it's a local company!

Q: Do you have any relation to Jane Slater, or Norvell Slater (long time radio show host?)
A: Not related to either!

Q: This is stupid question # 1,000,000! And I'm sure its posted somewhere on this web site. What is coming on ch 8 when Oprah is done after May 25? I care for my elderly mom and she asks me every day.
A: Dr. Oz will move from 3 to 4pm is my understanding. Tell your mom, and loyal viewer thanks for watching!

Q: I saw that there was a new Daybreak anchor. What happened to Chris Flanagan?
A: He made a change for his family to go to Good Morning Texas, so check him out at 9 a.m.

Q: I have two girls and one has shown interest in TV. Can you share your path to Channel 8. Where did you go to school?
A: I went to University of Missouri or Mizzou for broadcast journalism. It's a very well respected journalism school where you get hands on training, instead of just sitting in the classroom reading from a book. I visited Gloria Campos when I was in high school to get a true picture of what it was like. She gave me some great advice, that helped me get back here today! Internships are great for learning and networking in the industry. But your daughter's won't get paid. You have to start in small markets and work you way up. My first job I worked in a small town in West Virgina. I spent two years there, working crazy shifts before I worked my way up to Kansas City, and then Dallas. Tell your girls they have to be ready to work A LOT of holidays, and funny hours. News is 24/7!!!

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