DALLAS Let the frenzy begin.

It's been five years since the Dallas Mavericks have gone this far in the NBA playoffs, and already local shops are reporting an influx of fans looking for shirts, signs, and other Mavs gear.

After eradicating the Lakers in a four-game sweep on Sunday afternoon, the team now only has one more round of playoffs to get through before a chance at the NBA Finals.

Fans poured out of the American Airlines Center after the dismissing the World Champions, promising to come back for more.

It was amazing! It was a blowout! It was awesome! one fan said. I lost my voice! I can't even talk!

The team is capitalizing on that frenzy, frequently promoting season ticket sales during the playoffs, even though tickets for the upcoming round of playoffs haven't yet gone on sale.

This big win for the Mavericks is also a win for the city. The last time the team got this far was back in 2006.

Then, the media attention and and fan support swelled.

Five years ago, one economist predicted that each playoff game generated at least $65,000 in sales tax revenue alone for the city, money cash-strapped Dallas desperately needs.

But fans are more concerned with that winning streak. It was awesome game, one said. First time ever seeing a pro basketball game!

The soonest the Mavericks could play again is next Sunday, but but that won't be decided until the Thunder-Grizzles series is over.

The Mavericks expect to announce ticket information for the Western Conference finals on Monday.


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