Q: ABC's daytime department president Brian Frons said Thursday that, Viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. That is a lie. I've been watching All My Children and One Life to Live for 40 years. I'm not looking for something different at all. I'm not interested in any shows about food and/or lifestyle transformations (no more reality shows, I don't watch them at all). I think ya'll are making a very big mistake. If ya'll remove the two best shows that come on ABC then I will no longer be watching ABC at all. Ya'll are really letting a lot of ABC fans down by doing this.

A: Thank you for contacting WFAA. We appreciate your comments. While WFAA is an ABC affiliate, we do not make the decisions on network programming such as the changes involving daytime programming. That is the responsibility of ABC. We would encourage you to share your thoughts about the changes in the ABC line up directly with the network by clicking here (

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