DALLAS Thousands of NFL football fans are discovering how they measure up against the pros.

The exhibit at the huge NFL Experience at the Dallas Convention Center has become a quick fan favorite. The 850,000 square foot indoor theme park is expected to attract 250,000 people during its two-weekend run.

The measure yourself exhibit makes most people feel small especially when comparing their thighs to a cast made by huge 300 lb. linemen like the Cowboys Leonard Davis.

His calf is as big as my thigh, said NFL Experience visitor Lee Williams. My whole body fits in his leg. It's crazy!

Other football fans compared their feet and shoe size with Tennessee Titans lineman Zac Piller. He has some of the biggest feet in the league, with size 17 shoes.

Fans can compare the size of their hands with three Hall of Fame quarterbacks: Troy Aikman, Jim Kelly and Warren Moon. The exhibit also offers the opportunity to don shoulder pads and helmets.

Scott Bishop, who came to the event wearing a Cowboys jersey, tried on the helmet with the blue star. It feels great, man! I need to get on the field and show them how to win, he said.

Fans can also try out a blocking sled commonly seen at NFL training camps. It simulates what it's like to hit a lineman at the line of scrimmage.

The NFL Experience is open Saturday until 10 p.m. Sunday's hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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