FORT WORTH - The Fort Worth corner of South Main Street and West Broadway Avenue is a crossroad for highways.

Cars and trucks fly by from downtown to Rosedale Street. Now, traffic will have to slow down so development can pick up steam, and it's all because of a name change.

The city just regained control of Highway 287. It's always been known as Main Street, and it will now be treated as a street once again.

Bernie Scheffler, who has run Trinity Bicycles for nearly a year, said he knows the importance of changing gears.

We're most excited about the new additional bike lanes and pedestrian facilities, he said. Being able to more safely walk and ride down the street can do a lot for our store fronts.

Fort Worth's Main Street used to be classified as Highway 287. Built for speed and truck traffic, it's wide and bare.

When car speed is the only goal in designing a street, then it makes it very difficult for businesses to succeed, said Mike Brennan.

Brennan has a vision for Near Southside, and it starts with the city taking control of Main Street.

He got a glimpse during last year's Arts Goggle event. Families played on the sidewalks and there were street-side cafes.

This is an area that has tremendous potential for redevelopment, sort of a rebirth of what was historically a very vibrant area, he said.

More than $4 million is set aside to develop Main Street into an urban village, and bring more families into the existing apartments and homes.

Scheffler said the framework is there, and he's ready for South Main to be a hub for a Fort Worth neighborhood once again.

It is a neighborhood, he said. We're just trying to make it look more like one.

Now, that the name change is final, the city could re-stripe the road this spring. The bigger changes will kick in 2012, which is when federal money comes through.

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