I was listening to the Ticket this morning on the way into work, and the guys from the Orphanage were talking about Rob Ryan, whom the Cowboys appear to be close to hiring as defensive coordinator.

They were talking about how different his personality is from Jason Garrett's, and whether that might cause friction between them (assuming the Cowboys hire Ryan ... and also assuming that Rob's personality is like that of Jets head coach, and his twin brother, Rex Ryan).

Think about your group of friends. Are they all just like you, or are some very different from you? One of my best friends is a guy who is kind of like Rex Ryan -- he's loud, he talks a lot, he says what's on his mind and he can definitely rub people the wrong way. And I love him for that; sometimes I wish I could be like that. Back in school, he and I worked together at the Franklin College radio station for two years, and we got along perfectly, despite our different personalities.

I could see Garrett being the same way. He's buttoned up, he's very measured with what he says and how he acts in front of the media, and he's Ivy League educated, so we all assume he has an almost military-like personality. Maybe he would love to have a Ryan on his staff, a guy to say things Garrett wouldn't say, to act how Garrett doesn't act. Obviously if the Cowboys are trying to work out a deal to sign Ryan, that should be an indicator of what Garrett thinks of him.

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